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Time Warped

Written by Claudia Hammond

  • 352 Pages
  • 9781770892125
  • 8.375" x 5.3125"
  • SCIENCE / General
  • SCIENCE / Time



Publication Date September 15, 2012

We are obsessed with time. However hard we might try, it is almost impossible to spend even one day without the marker of a clock. But how much do we understand about time, and is it possible to retrain our brains and improve our relationship with it?

Drawing on the latest research from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and biology, and using original research on the way memory shapes our understanding of time, acclaimed writer and broadcaster Claudia Hammond delves into the mysteries of time perception. Along the way, she introduces us to an extraordinary array of colourful characters willing to go to great lengths in the interests of research, such as the French speleologist Michel, who spends two months in an ice cave in complete darkness.

Time Warped shows us how to manage our time more efficiently, speed time up and slow it down at will, plan for the future with more accuracy, and, ultimately, use the warping of time to our own advantage.


Claudia Hammond

Claudia Hammond is an award-winning writer, broadcaster, and psychology lecturer. She is the author of Emotional Rollercoaster: A Journey through the Science of Feelings, which was published in six territories, and Time Warped: Unlocking the Mysteries of Time Perception. She won the 2011 Mind Media’s Making a Difference Award (given to those who set the agenda and initiate change) and the British Psychological Society’s 2012 Public Engagement and Media Award. She has also been a finalist for the Professional Publishers Association Magazine Columnist of the Year Award, the International Award for Humanitarian Journalism, and the Medical Journalism Awards.


"With an engaging, light touch, [Claudia Hammond] describes the ingenious experiments psychologists have devised to explore how our brains construct -- and warp -- time." New Scientist

"A fascinating and at times mind-boggling book that will change the way you think about time." Financial Times

"An engaging, well-paced ride through the worlds of psychology, biology and neuroscience. Claudia Hammond’s style balances in-depth analysis with absorbing anecdote." Top Sante Magazine

"She weaves a beautifully constructed story out of the puzzles that preoccupy us about the way we experience time, and the cutting-edge science that tries to make sense of it." Mail on Sunday

"A serious, journalistic attempt to analyse existing research into the human perception of time." Evening Standard

"... accessible [and] entertaining." Independent

". . . well-written and appealing." Winnipeg Free Press

"Time is an elastic dimension, maybe even more so when viewed through the lenses of fear, boredom, impatience, sadness and joy. In Time Warped, Claudia Hammond explores this elasticity and the reasons for it." Globe and Mail

"Hammond’s book is filled with fascinating details of this sort, uncovering the many ways in which time may be an entirely personal matter." Maclean's Magazine