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A Table Set for Sisterhood

A wholly original feminist cookbook featuring over thirty recipes, each linked to a significant woman throughout history and from across the globe.

Asian Vegetables

A one-of-a-kind book at the crossroads of gardening, cooking, and personal history.

Heydays at The June Motel

Elevate your summer entertaining with beach town classics from Heydays at The June Motel.

Ship to Shore

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about seafood — from what to look for at the fish counter to what to do with it when you get it home.


Acclaimed chef Shane M. Chartrand’s debut cookbook explores the reawakening of Indigenous cuisine.

Three Times a Day

Three Times a Day delves into an intimate universe full of flavors, colours, and beauty and offers more than 100 easy to make recipes.

Three Times a Day: Simple and Stylish

After the success of Three Times a Day, Marilou and Alexandre Champagne are back with a second volume featuring more than 100 brand new recipes.