House of Anansi Submissions


House of Anansi is open to receive direct submissions from authors twice a year, for a one-month period each, beginning February 1 and August 1. The portal is currently closed for submissions. Agents are welcome to submit to individual editors or the publisher at any time.


Before submitting, please take the time to familiarize yourself with our recent books to see if your work fits with Anansi’s publishing program.




House of Anansi publishes about 35 books annually. Our fiction list collects the best of commercial and literary novels and short story collections by new voices and household names; our nonfiction list includes creative nonfiction, personal memoirs, essay collections, and book-length deep dives alongside more lifestyle-oriented offerings; and our poetry list features experimentations within lyric traditions by debut poets and those with established reputations.


For children’s and young adult literature, please refer to Groundwood Books.




Our open submission periods aren’t limited by genre, but we often have a wish list. In 2023, we’re looking for considered and ambitious nonfiction projects that fit with what we’ve recently published (like Joanna Chiu’s meticulously researched China Unbound, Blair Bigham’s socially conscious Death Interrupted, or Brandi Morin’s memoir Our Voice of Fire), and especially for our Ambrosia imprint (Kelly Small’s instructive The Conscious Creative or Laurie Perron and Sarah Quesnel-Langlois’s Gardening Naturally). Got an idea for a deep dive into a subject you love? We want to hear about it.


Browse recently published debut non-fiction





Please note that during our open submission periods, Anansi prioritizes submissions from Canadian citizens or residents, or Indigenous Peoples from Turtle Island and around the world who are eligible to hold Canadian citizenship. Writers submitting work through the portal must not currently have an agent, nor should the project submitted be previously self-published in book form. 


In particular, we are looking to engage with work by writers from historically underrepresented communities, including—but not limited to—those who are Black, Indigenous, people of colour, disabled, neurodivergent, LGBTQIA+, debuting later in life, or without an MFA.




House of Anansi is open to submissions twice per year, for a one-month period each:


  • February 1–28
  • August 1–31


During these periods, you will be able to submit your work through our online portal. We use submission periods to ensure that we are able to respond to all submissions in a timely manner. 


Our editorial team recognizes and is grateful for the time and effort involved in formatting your submission to our specifications. Please read our submission guidelines carefully.


Include the following in your submission:


  • A 1–2-page pitch letter telling us about your book; this might include your reasons for writing it, why you are the person to have done so, who the ideal reader for it is, and how you see it relating to the list of books we publish.
  • A CV that includes your city of residence, writing credentials, and publication history (if applicable).
  • A brief synopsis ( 250 words max) of your project to be pasted into a text box within the submission portal.
  • Your full manuscript; Please format your manuscript in an easy-to-read, 12-point font with 2.5 cm (1 inch) margins.


Title your documents in the following format:

  • [Last Name]_[First Name]_Pitch
  • [Last Name]_[First Name]_[Title of Work]


Please use a legible, 12-point font, insert page numbers, and double space prose.


Please note that Anansi prefers submissions in PDF format and only accepts .docx, .doc, and .pdf file formats.


We accept multiple submissions, but please limit your submissions to one per genre.

If you select “send me a copy of my responses,” you will receive an email confirming receipt of your submission. We do not charge a fee to submit.


Submit here.




If you need to withdraw your submission, please send an email to submissions [AT] houseofanansi [DOT] com, subject line: SUBMISSION WITHDRAWAL. 


We will accept simultaneous submissions, but we request that you advise us if this is the case and inform us right away if your manuscript is accepted elsewhere.


Please do not send unsolicited submissions to our submissions email. Submissions sent to this address will be deleted.




We receive hundreds of solicited and unsolicited submissions each year, and we only publish around 35 books per year. The review process typically takes 4–6 months, though it may take longer in some instances. Phone calls and emails will not hasten the process. We appreciate your patience.


Thank you for considering House of Anansi Press as a home for your manuscript!  




  1. Is there a word limit for submissions?


We do not have any hard rules about submission lengths; however, we prefer prose manuscripts under 100,000 words in length. If you are curious about the range of books we have previously published, please see our backlist.


  1. How can I update my contact information after submitting?


Please email updates about your contact information to submissions [AT] houseofanansi [DOT] com.


  1. Can I send a submission via email outside of the open submissions periods?


Please send us your work through the submission portal during our open submission periods. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to review unsolicited manuscripts that come to us outside of these windows.


  1. Can I submit multiple manuscripts at the same time?


We accept multiple submissions, but please limit your submissions to one per genre, i.e., one poetry manuscript, one fiction manuscript, and/or one nonfiction proposal/manuscript.


  1. Can I submit a co-authored manuscript if I am a Canadian citizen/permanent resident but my co-author is not?


Yes, you can submit your work to us.


  1. Can I request a faster timeline than 4–6 months?


Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests to rush submission reviews. We give careful attention to each manuscript that comes to us; due to the volume of submissions, we are unable to guarantee a faster timeline. Thank you for your patience!


  1. Do you accept manuscripts that were previously self-published?


Unfortunately, manuscripts that were previously self-published are ineligible for submission.


  1. Can I submit a short story collection if individual stories in the collection have been published in magazines?


Yes! As long as the manuscript itself is unpublished in book form, it is eligible for consideration. Please include all information about your publication history on your CV. 


  1. Can I send a hard copy of my submission through the mail?


Anansi is unable to accept physical submissions. Any hard-copy submissions received will be marked return to sender.