LGBTQ+ Stories

LGBTQ+ Stories

Celebrate and explore LGBTQ+ experiences in these vital reads.

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All I Ask

All I Ask by the award-winning and highly acclaimed author Eva Crocker is a defining novel of a generation.

All the Shining People

Beautifully written, these stories depict a search for human connection and an attempt to fit in far from home.

Barrelling Forward

Barrelling Forward is a brilliantly crafted debut collection set against the backdrop of the crashing oil economy in contemporary Newfoundland.

Channel of Peace

Channel of Peace is an unforgettable memoir of the extraordinary kindness afforded to passengers whose flights were re-routed to Gander, NL on 9/11.

Dunk Tank

Dunk Tank is a rich, imaginative, and sometimes absurdist exploration of the landscape of the body and of adult life.

Dunk Tank special hardcover edition

This specially designed and bound hardcover First Edition of Kayla Czaga's poetry collection Dunk Tank is limited to 50 copies.

Holding Still For As Long As Possible

A dazzling portrait of twenty-somethings who grew up on text-messaging and the war on terror.


Junebat is a form- and gender-disrupting debut collection that grapples with the pain of uncertainty on the path towards becoming.

Junebat special hardcover edition

This specially designed and bound hardcover First Edition of John Elizabeth Stintzi's poetry collection Junebat is limited to 40 copies.


From award-winning playwright and filmmaker Jordan Tannahill comes a masterful novel in the tradition of Sheila Heti’s How Should a Person Be.

Maggie & Me

A unique, tender, and witty memoir of surviving the tough streets of small-town Scotland during the Thatcher years.

Me, Myself, They

A personal work of memoir and critical analysis that pushes for an inclusive understanding of sex and gender.