Books that focus on the environment and the threat of climate change to inspire readers to take action and protect our planet.

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Big Lonely Doug

The story one of the largest trees in Canada whose unlikely survival and discovery sheds light on environmentalism, climate change and ecotourism.

Dangerous Memory

A bold book of rage, hope, and challenge exposing how the political decisions of the 1980s continue to haunt us today.

Ideas to Postpone the End of the World

Ailton Krenak, renowned Indigenous activist, demonstrates that our current environmental crisis is rooted in society’s flawed concept of “humanity”.

If Venice Dies

This eloquent book by the internationally renowned art historian Salvatore considers a new debate about Venice.

Invisible Lines

An indispensable guide to seeing and understanding our planet through the divisions we make, find, or feel.


A stylish and inspiring guide for living a happier life in balance with the natural world.


Ronald J. Deibert exposes the disturbing influence and impact of the internet on politics, the economy, the environment, and humanity.

river woman

Award–winning Métis poet and acclaimed novelist Katherena Vermette’s second collection, river woman, explores her relationship to nature.

river woman special hardcover edition

This specially designed and bound hardcover First Edition of Katherena Vermette's poetry collection river woman is limited to 50 copies.

Spirit Bear

A classic work of Canadian nature and wildlife — updated and reissued with a new design and afterword by the author.

Strange Bewildering Time

A poet and journalist looks back on a remarkable journey from Turkey to Nepal in 1978, when the region was on the brink of massive transformation.


Surrender explores the changing landscape of the American West and the radical environmental movements that have taken root.