CC Literature - Grade 4

CC Literature - Grade 4

The books in this collection fit specific expectations within the Grade 4 strands for literature as outlined in the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts.

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A Boy Is Not a Ghost

In this sequel to the award-winning A Boy Is Not a Bird, a boy is exiled to Siberia during World War II. Based on a true story.

A Boy Named Queen

Who will be brave enough to make friends with the boy named Queen?

A Serious Thought

A boy ponders his place in the universe in this thoughtful story about the things that keep us up at night.

An Owl at Sea

The extraordinary, true story of an owl stranded on the deck of an oil rig one hundred miles from shore, and the Good Samaritans who shepherded it home.

As Long as the Rivers Flow

The story of Larry Loyie's last summer before entering residential school.

Avis Dolphin

Inspired by the story of actual passengers on the ill-fated Lusitania, this is a novel of great adventure and suspense.

Becca at Sea

"One girl's winter, spring and summer of wonder and growth on a glorious northwest coast island." — Kirkus

Becca Fair and Foul

A summer on an idyllic island surrounded by water and wildlife. What could possibly go wrong?

Book Uncle and Me

Book Uncle and Me is an award-winning middle-grade novel about the power of grassroots activism and how kids can make a difference.

Danny, Who Fell in a Hole

Danny finds himself stranded at the bottom of a giant construction hole, armed with nothing but his backpack, his wits, and a poetry-spouting mole …

Deux points bruns dans un nuage blanc

Témoin de la joie de son enfant un jour de neige, une mère commence enfin à se sentir chez elle dans son pays d’adoption.

Explosion at the Poem Factory

This funny story, full of wordplay, brings poetry alive as never before!