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Critical examinations of the impact of technology and political thought for inquiring minds.

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A Short History of Progress

15th Anniversary edition of the #1 national bestseller featuring a new introduction from the author warning of the accelerating patterns of progress and disaster.

China Unbound

While the United States stumbles, an award-winning foreign correspondent chronicles China’s dramatic moves to become a dominant power.

Die Walking

In the spirit of Night by Elie Wisel, Die Walking is the memoir of a Rwandan boy escaping genocide.

Do Humankind’s Best Days Lie Ahead?

The seventeenth semi-annual Munk Debates tackles whether humankind’s best days lie ahead.

Ideas to Postpone the End of the World

Ailton Krenak, renowned Indigenous activist, demonstrates that our current environmental crisis is rooted in society’s flawed concept of “humanity”.

In Search of A Better World

An essential analysis of the major human rights struggles of our times by an internationally renowned human rights lawyer and former UN prosecutor.

Is American Democracy in Crisis?

The twenty-first semi-annual Munk Debate considers the current crisis of American democracy.

Manual for Draft-Age Immigrants to Canada

A handbook for Americans who refused to serve as draftees in the Vietnam War and were considering immigrating to Canada, with new modern relevance.

Me, Myself, They

A personal work of memoir and critical analysis that pushes for an inclusive understanding of sex and gender.

Necessary Illusions

Noam Chomsky considers how a democratized media could give us more meaningful participation in social and political life.

Red Diaper Baby

The memoir of growing up in a communist family at the height of the Cold War by the late esteemed historian, and political activist James Laxer.


Ronald J. Deibert exposes the disturbing influence and impact of the internet on politics, the economy, the environment, and humanity.