Munk Debates

Munk Debates

Some of the greatest minds of the twenty-first century debate the most vital issues of the day.

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Are Men Obsolete?

The 12th semi-annual Munk Debate takes on one of the biggest socio-economic phenomena of our time — the decline of the power and status of men.

Can Donald Trump Make America Great Again?

The nineteenth semi-annual Munk Debate tackles whether Donald Trump has what it takes to be the 45th President of the United States.

Can the World Tolerate an Iran with Nuclear Weapons?

The tenth edition of the Munk Debates discusses if the world can tolerate an Iran with nuclear weapons?

China and the West

The twenty-fourth semi-annual Munk Debate tackles the threat of China to the liberal international order.

Do Humankind’s Best Days Lie Ahead?

The seventeenth semi-annual Munk Debates tackles whether humankind’s best days lie ahead.

Does State Spying Make Us Safer?

The thirteenth Munk Debate tackles whether state surveillance is a legitimate defence of our freedom — the democratic issue of the moment.

Does the 21st Century Belong to China?

A Munk Debate on the key geopolitical issue of the century: the rise of China.

Has Obama Made the World a More Dangerous Place?

The fourteenth semi-annual Munk Debate discusses the legacy of President Obama.

Has the European Experiment Failed?

The ninth semi-annual Munk Debate pits high-profile Euro skeptics against believers.

Is American Democracy in Crisis?

The twenty-first semi-annual Munk Debate considers the current crisis of American democracy.

Is This the End of the Liberal International Order?

The twentieth semi-annual Munk Debate discusses the end of the liberal international order.

North America’s Lost Decade?

The eighth semi-annual Munk Debate asks will North America rebound from economic stagnation, or is the future more uncertain than ever?