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Our 2018 holiday video: 10 Fun Facts!

Our 2018 holiday video: 10 Fun Facts!

1) 6 authors are featured throughout

2) The principal actress, Michaela Washburn, picks up The Break to read. She is also the voice of The Break the audiobook!

3) Lisa Moore appears reading her daughter Eva Crocker's collection of short stories, Barrelling Forward. Eva is in the video too!

Lisa Moore reads Barreling Forward

4) 2 different kinds of fake snow were used (even outside!)

Fake snow falls in the bookshop

5) 8 Anansi staff members appear in the background!

Editor Doug Richmond

6) In the last shot of the bookstore, only a few of the shoppers were actually in the store together at the same time

7) 10 crew members pulled the video together

The crew sets up

8) All of the movements in the video (flipping pages, walking, reading...etc) were done backwards

9) Although it looks like the video was shot at night, it was filmed at all different times of the day

10) The video was a Sterling Road production! We worked with Archipelago Productions whose office is just across the street from our bookshop!

Nicholas directs the video

Watch the video!

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