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A Poem from Junebat by John Elizabeth Stintzi

A Poem from Junebat by John Elizabeth Stintzi

Selected Definitions of a Junebat

(adjective): of a noun which is neither a person, nor a place, nor an idea.

(preposition): continuing in time toward conclusion and stopping before reaching it.

(pronoun): used in reference to a person whose presence instigates an immediate, dehumanizing interrogation.

(determiner): used in place of determiners such as: a/an, every, this, few, those, the, or many.

(conjunction): used to conjoin two competing identities that are not real but, when joined, make up something that is.

(verb): to expect that someone will finally see you.

(exclamation): used to lament a closed door remaining closed.

(adverb): used only with verbs that represent a self-destructive action, such as: deprecate, fear, or doubt.

(noun): the creature you cannot admit to yourself that you are.

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