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A Sample Colouring Page from The Joyful Living Colouring Book

Adult Colouring Book Colouring Book for Adults Downloads Teva Harrison The Joyful Living Colouring Book

From the author and illustrator of the critically acclaimed graphic memoir In-Between Days comes a colouring book full of original, never-before-published drawings meant to delight, inspire, and heal. The Joyful Living Colouring Book by Teva Harrison publishes on November 5th (but it’s available to order at a week earlier on October 29th!) — if you can’t wait to get your hands on the book to start colouring, here’s a sample page straight from the book that you print and colour in right now. (Click on the image to enlarge and print!)


THE JOYFUL LIVING COLOURING BOOKWhen Teva Harrison was first diagnosed with cancer, she felt lost, cast adrift. In order to pull herself out of depression, to draw herself forward, she started to draw. In the beginning, the drawings were tiny wildflowers photographed on her travels. Something about that act of looking, drawing the edges until flowers emerged, focusing on something so short-lived, resilient, and beautiful changed the nature of her days. It let the joy back in. This colouring book is an expansion on that germ of hope. Having cancer has made the world feel especially precious to Harrison, and she finds magic and delight everywhere: symbol-enriched heraldry, animals and birds, everyday objects that give her pleasure, foliage and flowers, and a few choice words of inspiration and hope.

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