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Book trailer for Patrick deWitt’s THE SISTERS BROTHERS

We’re so thrilled about the fantastic book trailer for Patrick deWitt’s The Sisters Brothers. This much-buzzed-about novel is available this month in bookstores across Canada. Watch it here:

And here are a few of the incredibly positive reviews this book has received so far:

“[Patrick] DeWitt has produced a genre-bending frontier saga that is exciting, funny, and perhaps unexpectedly, moving.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

“. . . a lushly voiced picaresque story . . . It’s a kind of True Grit told by Tom Waits.” — Esquire

“. . . smooth and seamless, shot through with dark humor . . . as easy to slip into as the old HBO series ‘Deadwood.'” — LA Times

“I doubt very much I’ll read a funnier, more original book than this picaresque, Wild West tale . . . a terrifically spun yarn . . . masterfully strange and wonderful . . .” — Toronto Star

“. . . cinematic, wry and mannered . . . DeWitt[‘s] ability to distill an image with a couple of well-chosen words and the precision and intensity of his language gives [The] Sisters [Brothers] a dreamlike aura.” — Philadelphia City Paper

“. . . imaginative and ebullient . . . revels in the hilarious life and times of two gunslingers, Eli and Charlie Sisters.” — Boston Globe

“. . . gory, mesmerizing . . . carries a strong echo of Pulp Fiction . . . seduces us to its characters, and draws us on the strength of deWitt’s subtle, nothing-wasted prose.” — Cleveland Plain Dealer

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