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"Everyone has a story" - Reflections by Patricia Asiimwe from Alone

"Everyone has a story" - Reflections by Patricia Asiimwe from Alone

Written by Patricia Asiimwe

Everyone has a story, but not everyone gets the chance to tell it to the world.

When I first learned about the project Alone, I was excited to meet people who were willing to tell the stories of those who couldn’t. So I agreed to participate and tell my story, hoping it would help speak for other refugees who do not have the chance to explain when others ask: Why did you move far away from home to a strange place? What did you go through just for a glimpse of hope? Where did you come from? And how did you get here?

It was and still is wonderful to have met everyone who worked hard on making sure Alain’s, Afshin’s and my stories were well told. Paul, who wrote the book, was very understanding and made sure I was comfortable with what was being shared. Being a child of immigrants himself, Paul understood and related to our situation. 

I was young at the time I arrived in a country so different to mine, and it was difficult to figure out how things worked. Luckily, I met good people during the process who became friends, and they have been really great guardians for me. I wish Paul and everyone the success they deserve so that they can continue to tell stories that matter but are hardly ever told.

My life has been beautiful but hard at the same time, and I understand that other people go through tough times too. The sun shines differently on different people. To some it's generous but ends up burning the life out of them, and to others it's so selfish that they freeze to death. But they can never deny each other of knowing the sun. This is why I told my story, so you understand how my sun affected me and so many others. My story is not greater than others but it has happened to so many people and it went untold.  

I hope that the people who read this book understand our motive of sharing these stories. To those who had no idea about stories like mine, nice to meet you, and I thank you for lending a listening ear. To those who can relate to facing the world, while having no idea what you are doing, do not worry — you are doing great.

 It gets hard for me sometimes, and when the future looks dark, I ask myself: “Should I stop?” But I keep going because I have come too far to stop. So you keep moving too, and do not be afraid to go through walls if you believe that is where the way is.

Let's live for each other and for ourselves.

Thank you.

Patricia Asiimwe 

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