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Five thrifty tips from Laura Repas

Laura Repas, our Publicity Director, offers us five fantastic thrifty tips:

#1: Buy a good lip brush so you can dig out every last bit of your favourite lipsticks from their tubes.

#2: A few years ago someone gave me loofah gloves as a gift, so I stuff soap ends in them so I don’t waste any soap.

#3: When shopping, if you think you must have an item, take a break, leave the store, walk around. If it stays on your mind an hour later, go buy it. If not, you don’t need it, do you?

#4: Bring your lunch, snacks, coffee, tea to work with you. Or keep a stash at work. Go out for walks, not to buy coffee.

#5: Borrow DVDs from the library — totally free for seven days!

Thanks, Laura! I love the tip about the loofah gloves and soap ends. So clever!


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