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Free eBook Preview: Into the Sun by Deni Ellis Béchard

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Into the Sun eBook Preview Deni Ellis Béchard lived in Afghanistan on and off between 2009 and 2014. During that time, he was amazed by the frontier culture of the civilian surge in Kabul—the mercenaries and missionary types who were there to profit and recreate Afghanistan in their own image. He felt the story had to be told. Into the Sun  is the result, and we’ve got a free preview, just for you!

About Into the Sun by Deni Ellis Béchard

Kabul — 10 years after 9/11: When a car bomb explodes in a crowded part of the city, a Japanese-American journalist is shocked to discover that the vehicle’s passengers were acquaintances — three fellow ex-pats who had formed an unlikely love triangle. Alexandra was a Canadian human rights lawyer for imprisoned Afghan women. Justin was a born-again Christian from Louisiana who taught at a local school. Clay was an ex-soldier who worked as a private contractor. The car’s driver, Idris, one of Justin’s most promising pupils, is missing.

Convinced the events that led to the fatal explosion weren’t random, and curious to know more about what led each of them to Afghanistan, the journalist follows a trail from Kabul to Louisiana, Maine, Québec, and Dubai, determined to uncover why they were targeted and who is responsible.

In this monumental novel, Deni Ellis Béchard explores the personal impact of America’s imperial misadventures and draws an unsentimental portrait of the journalists, mercenaries, messianic idealists, and aid workers who flock to war zones. In vivid and evocative prose, Béchard brings to life the city of Kabul itself, along with the people who live there: the hungry, determined, and resourceful locals who are just as willing as their occupiers to reinvent themselves to survive.

Into the Sun is forthcoming from House of Anansi on September 24th, 2016.

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