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Get a Little Summer Lovin’ From Pasha Malla [Anansi Digital]


House of Anansi is proud to announce the first digital release of our seasonal reading list. It’s a summer love story entitled To Sweep the Light by Pasha Malla. To Sweep the Light follows two lonely people who spend a summer in the North not finding each other. In typical Malla style, the story’s spare prose is complemented by lush and complex emotions. It’s about solitude and companionship, proximity and distance, and the quest for intimacy between a boy and a girl.

Anansi Digital will publish a piece of fiction and non-fiction each month. Following the release of Malla’s To Sweep the Light, we’ll release political thinker James Laxer’s timely essay A House Divided: Watching America’s Descent into Civil Conflict. In July, we have Last Ham, a piece of short fiction by Gemini Award-winning filmmaker Joel McConvey, followed by Travels Through the Golden State, a second nonfiction work by James Laxer.

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