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Gift Recommendations We Recommend

Gift Recommendations We Recommend

Get by the holidays this year with a little help from your friends.

With so many books to pick from, how do you use choose the perfect gift for the holidays? This year, we've made things simple by turning to the top taste-makers from our rolodex for recommendations.

First up: The Grape Witches

These wine experts have made a name for themselves in the Canadian food and wine scene, and beyond.

They throw monthly natural wine events and educational seminars across Toronto and have one of the most popular Instagrams about wine in the city.
Their picks:

And then - Paul Hyung-Sun Lee!

Paul is the beloved Appa from the runaway CBC hit, Kim's Convenience! Paul is an actor, Star Wars enthusiast, and champion of very good books. His picks:

Next up: Jael Richardson

Jael Richardson is a book columnist and guest host on CBC’s q, and an author too! She also founded and serves as the Artistic Director for the Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD).
Her pick:

And then - Candy Palmater!

Candy Palmater is a Canadian comedian and broadcast personality. She hosted the daily interview series The Candy Palmater Show on CBC Radio One and created the national TV show, The Candy Show, on APTN. She also championed The Break by Katherena Vermette, on CBC Radio's Canada Reads!
Her picks:

And finally - Jason Collett

Jason Collett is a fixture of the Toronto arts community. He is a singer-songwriter and member of Broken Social Scene, as well as the host and curator of The Basement Revue, a half-music, half-literary variety show with a rock-'n'-roll sensibility and a unique Canadian voice.
His picks:

Thanks to all of our wonderful participants, and to our photographer, Neil Rimmer.
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