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Lisa Moore Media

Lisa Moore in the Toronto Star (Photo credit: Jim Ross)

Check out all the media for Lisa Moore and her latest novel February!

Read Vit Wagner’s profile of Lisa in the Toronto Star.

And listen to her in conversation with Shelagh Rogers on CBC’s “The Next Chapter.”


“. . . exquisitely mindful . . . [Lisa Moore] gets life . . . [and] offers us, elegantly, exultantly, the very consciousness of her characters. In this way, she does more than make us feel for them. She makes us feel what they feel, which is the point of literature and maybe even the point of being human.”
Globe and Mail (Read the full review here.)

“There’s an economy in Moore’s style that shows us how a once vibrant life can be whittled down by pain and loneliness. But, by grounding her writing in the physical world, Moore shows how life’s everyday tasks and encounters create a comforting continuity that allows forward movement.”
National Post (Read the full review here.)

“Moore never errs on the side of sentimentality . . . Moore shows how life’s everyday tasks and encounters create a comforting continuity that eventually wears down emotional pain to allow forward movement . . . You’ll be surprised at this novel’s ability to uplift.”
Ottawa Citizen (Read the full review here.)

“Moore’s writing resembles poetry . . . She expertly captures her characters’ physical surroundings in sharp-edged fragments of colour and sensation . . . Helen comes across as a perfectly ordinary woman . . . But that’s what [February] is about: a perfectly ordinary woman whose life is profoundly changed by an extraordinary event. This is a marvellous book.”
Winnipeg Free Press (Read the full review here.)

“A solid, unflinching, unsentimental study of grief . . . Moore’s descriptive powers, her enviable ability to highlight defining elements of character (either individual or societal) by making perceptive observations, are, as always, in evidence.”

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