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Puppy Love Photo Contest: Round 1, Part 3

Puppy LoveWe’re continuing our celebration of Frauke Scheunemann’s adorable new book Puppy Love with Part 3 of the first round of our photo contest. Vote for your favourite dogs below!

The winners of Round 1 will be announced on April 12, 2012, when we’ll start the next round and you’ll pick our winner. If you haven’t submitted your photo yet, it’s not too late! You have until April 5. Get all the details on our official contest page.

(Vote for the dogs in Round 1, Part 1 and Round 1, Part 2)

(To find out more about Hercules, the star of Puppy Love and our inspiration for this contest: go to our website.)

Rooster Patricia's puppy Nika Mozzie Michelle's puppy Max

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