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Rave Reviews of Zoe Whittall’s Holding Still For As Long As Possible

Zoe Whittall Holding Still For As Long As Possible

“. . . Whittall is a dexterous puppeteer, and the book is unputdownable . . . Whittall’s skill as a novelist is that her interest in her characters, and in their stories, is genuine and generous.”

The Globe and Mail

“With Holding Still, Whittall has established herself as a writer of immense vitality and courage; she stands as the voice of a lost, but thanks to her not forgotten generation: the boys and girls who will inherit the Earth.”

National Post

“In Holding Still For As Long As Possible, the awareness of mortality intersects with the romantic restlessness of youth. It makes for a story whose vital signs are fully present and robust.”

Toronto Star

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