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The Al Purdy A-Frame – guest post by Duncan Patterson January 17 2014

On Monday, January 20th, the Al Purdy A-Frame Association is hosting an evening at the Monarch Tavern to raise money for the upgrades and rehabilitation of Al Purdy’s hand-made A-Frame house in Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward County. The Association needs money to finish the necessary repairs to render the house habitable as it transitions into being … Read More

Out of Orbit May 14 2013

For the last month my five-year-old son has been completely obsessed with Canadian astronaut and ISS Commander Chris Hadfield. The librarian at his school has been reading to the kids about the solar system, and they’ve been watching Hadfield’s Youtube videos and learning about the International Space Station. He’s also super into the song Hadfield … Read More

What’s causing all that weird weather? February 09 2012

Something weird is going on with the weather. From the Guardian: “Arctic ice at almost its lowest extent ever recorded in midwinter, disastrous droughts and searing heat in Africa and Latin America . . . Thousands of people in Austria, France and Germany were on Thursday still digging themselves out of some of the heaviest … Read More