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Bay of Exploits with Ed Riche: Memo to Bennett June 10 2016

I have a regular column, “Bay of Exploits” (where I was born and a description of the writing) in the St. John’s Arts and Entertainment monthly, The Overcast.  June’s offering was in response to a severe Provincial Budget which, among other things, did the unthinkable in taxing books and closing over half the public libraries … Read More

Get to know St. John’s with Today I Learned It Was You April 09 2016

When a retired actor who frequents a city park is purported to be transitioning from man to deer, municipal authorities in St. John’s, Newfoundland, find themselves confronted by an exasperatingly difficult problem. Complications mount as advocates, bureaucrats, police, and local politicians try to corral the situation, which escalates into an even bigger problem after the … Read More

New Releases from Anansi this April April 03 2016

April is Poetry Month! Along with 4 stunning collections of poetry comes a graphic memoir about living with cancer, a tale from one of Canada’s funniest literary talents, and an inspiring true story about two young concentration camp survivors.   A Pillow Book by Suzanne Buffam Available: April 09 Not a narrative. Not an essay. Not … Read More