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Interview with Melanie Raabe, author of The Trap April 14 2016

In this exclusive interview, Melanie Raabe, author of The Trap, discusses how she came up with the idea for her novel, and the challenges that arose. The famous novelist Linda Conrads, 38, is a mystery to her fans and the media. She hasn’t set foot over the threshold of her villa on Lake Starnberg for … Read More

Seven Questions for Ronald Wright November 26 2014

1. What have you been up to since A Short History of Progress? The last chapter in A Short History of Progress gave me the idea for my next book, What Is America?, published in 2008, which followed the money from Inca gold in the 1530s to the Industrial Revolution and the rise of the USA. That in … Read More

Five Questions for Adrienne Clarkson November 14 2014

Former Governor General and Massey Lectures author Adrienne Clarkson took some time to answer a few questions for us: 1.  What inspired you to write about the topic of belonging? I think I was inspired by the idea of belonging because it is the story of my own life.  When you come to Canada as … Read More