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Watch Our Interview with Nemesis Author Misha Glenny December 01 2015

    “How did somebody from a very deprived background, become what was the head of effectively the largest economic organization in the favela . . . How does he wield power, and what sort of instincts does he draw on?” Watch journalist Misha Glenny discuss his new book Nemesis: One Man and the Battle … Read More

BBC One turning Misha Glenny’s “McMafia” into a six-part series October 21 2015

McMafia is coming to a television set near you. From gun runners in the Ukraine, to money launderers in Dubai, cyber criminals in Brazil, racketeers in Japan, and the booming marijuana industry in western Canada, McMafia builds a breathtaking picture of a secret and bloody business. Internationally celebrated writer Misha Glenny crafts a fascinating, highly readable, … Read More

Misha Glenny debates the War on Drugs today March 13 2012

Tune in today at 19:00 GMT to watch Misha Glenny, author of nonfiction bestsellers McMafia and DarkMarket, take part in the first global, live Versus Debate about the War on Drugs. Misha will be joined by Richard Branson, Russell Brand, Julian Assange, Eliott Spitzer, Vincente Fox, and many more. Watch the debate preview and livestream … Read More

Author visits at Anansi! October 29 2009

This week has been a busy one here at House of Anansi and Groundwood Books, with many of our authors in town for the International Festival of Authors and other events. A few were able to find the time to drop by our offices and graciously sign some books — thanks, guys!