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What Can Poetry Do by Matthew Zapruder April 29 2016

What Can Poetry Do by Matthew Zapruder In Africa people are angry. They are climbing embassy walls and burning whatever is there. Each time I click on some words and read what we call news I feel certain some people while I was reading have died. I know I am here merely reading. I just … Read More

This Is a Photograph of Me by Margaret Atwood April 27 2016

This Is a Photograph of Me by Margaret Atwood It was taken some time ago. At first it seems to be a smeared print: blurred lines and grey flecks blended with the paper; then, as you scan it, you see in the left-hand corner a thing that is like a branch: part of a tree … Read More

Company by Kevin Connolly April 24 2016

Company by Kevin Connolly Bloom says it’s about erasing others, digesting them, spitting them out as you. Really it’s more about smothering yourself, your shaky lines, knowing in advance they’re unworthy of the next bloom, next fool in line — to think there really are people who think about this, All The Time. Think about … Read More

Mulciber by Lynn Crosbie April 22 2016

Mulciber by Lynn Crosbie Michael takes me to the cabana; I am hot and flustered. The Havana sun beats on our striped umbrella, I drink banana daiquiris and Michael sips club sodas, cool and self-possessed. Why don’t we ever talk, I ask, flustered by his attention, his quiet kindness. I was so mad at you, … Read More

Affirmations by Karen Solie April 20 2016

Affirmations by Karen Solie Has the past not pursued me with its face and haven’t I turned away? Can a thing made once not be made again? Hasn’t the rider returned to her horse, the dog to his master? Isn’t this the lesson of our popular literature? And was the trash not collected this morning, … Read More

Inheritance by Erin Mouré April 18 2016

Inheritance by Erin Mouré Father my father died of dying undied himself from my mother even from me his daughter, he unlocked his shoulder-case and self-undied. My father died snowing or not even snowing yet, unsuspecting the place where his lungs existed. He got up and said “it appears to be snowing,” lucent with orchids you … Read More

Babysitters by Sara Peters April 17 2016

Babysitters by Sara Peters Your mother was as nubile as a dressmaker’s dummy; your father polished his glasses and rubbed his crop. When the Babysitter arrived, with her turquoise belt and raw mouth, your father had never seen such a fine wrist, such a way with an onion! She pinned a plastic hummingbird behind one … Read More

Celebrate National Poetry Month With New Limited Edition Poetry and Broadsheets April 09 2016

Looking to celebrate Poetry Month? Consider our special editions, recently released and available exclusively at This April we have 4 limited edition hardcover books that were printed and bound by Coach House Press in Toronto: The Waking Comes Late by Steven Heighton, Box Kite by Baziju, Little Dogs by Michael Crummey, and A Pillow Book … Read More

Fission by Adam Sol April 07 2016

Fission by Adam Sol A jay cackles the rumours of summer and I’m hunched around the morning in my legs, this brightness.   Now her house: red X’s on the wall calendar counting down to her departure. I’ve woken her. She squints   me into focus, her face close, two eyes becoming one. Touch the … Read More