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In Memoriam, Dave Godfrey, August 9, 1938 – June 21, 2015 June 25 2015

When I look at this picture of David Godfrey in the early days of the founding of Anansi I am overwhelmed by how impossibly young he was. Hard to believe that this young man had founded a company that would become one of Canada’s preeminent publishing houses. In 1967, David Godfrey approached Dennis Lee to … Read More

A Goodbye Playlist from Publicity Director extraordinaire, Laura Repas August 05 2014

Today is my last day working at House of Anansi. I got the job here in Fall 2002, and barring two years of leave, I’ve been here since. I don’t know how to say goodbye to my friends here, to the memories, to the place that introduced me to my husband, some of my closest … Read More

#ReadWomen2014 June 05 2014

[youtube] It’s fair to say that House of Anansi has always published great women writers, so when Joanna Walsh of the Guardian began her #readwomen2014 initiative we decided to do a Vida Count of our own. We were pleased and fascinated by what we discovered. In 1967, our founding year, Anansi published Janis Rapoport’s … Read More

Join us on Twitter this Friday at 4pm for #Publidash February 26 2014

The golden era of long boozy Mad Men-style publishing lunches may be over, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still know how to get down. Publishing professionals still throw good parties…they’re just on twitter now! This Friday at 4 p.m. EST we’re getting together with Coach House Books, ECW Press, Invisible Publishing, and The Porcupines Quill … Read More

Hold Fast: the story of a Canadian classic December 03 2013

Thirty-five years ago, I got my first real job, as an editorial assistant at a now-defunct publishing company called Clarke Irwin. The salary was $6,000 a year, and I worked in a little cubbyhole where I spent a lot of time wrestling with carbon paper and Wite-Out, typing address labels on an old manual typewriter, … Read More

In memoriam, Gaétan Soucy, October 21, 1958 – July 9, 2013 July 11 2013

“The fundamental disaster that fashions the reality of the world is the inevitable death of those we love.” —Gaétan Soucy, the very first words of his great novel, Atonement. You were right all those years ago, Gaétan my friend, it’s just that we didn’t want it to be true. We wanted you to live forever, … Read More

Northwest Passage and that new-book smell July 02 2013

When publishing people get together, we always talk about the same thing. Sure, we might start off with an analysis of world events or a friendly argument about what we’re going to order for dinner. But sooner or later, we always get around to that one really important question: what’s your favourite stage in the … Read More

On YA literature with LGBTQ characters June 24 2013

In September of 2011, my mom was nervous. “I was listening to Q,” she said, “you know, with Jian Ghomeshi?” “Uh huh?” “And he said that no one buys YA with gay characters.” “Oh, really.” “He’s says it’s very hard to get published.” I then proceeded to totally interrupt her story (about co-authors Rachel Manija … Read More

Letter to the Editor: House of Anansi VP Matt Williams responds to the Globe and Mail October 24 2012

John Barber’s “end of the dream” article in today’s Globe doesn’t add anything to a discussion about publishing in Canada. It guides it into a dead end. What is the point of “reporting” like this? We, like everyone in the book business, were desperately sorry to hear the bad news about D&M. It is another … Read More