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Babysitters by Sara Peters April 17 2016

Babysitters by Sara Peters Your mother was as nubile as a dressmaker’s dummy; your father polished his glasses and rubbed his crop. When the Babysitter arrived, with her turquoise belt and raw mouth, your father had never seen such a fine wrist, such a way with an onion! She pinned a plastic hummingbird behind one … Read More

Poetry Month Events April 01 2013

Don’t miss your chance to celebrate National Poetry Month with our annual Anansi Poetry Bash in Toronto and more great events! Spring 2013 Anansi poets: Michael Crummey (Under the Keel), Adam Dickison (The Polymers), and Sara Peters (1996) Wednesday, April 24, 7:00 p.m. Anansi Poetry in Montreal Librarie Drawn & Quarterly 211 Bernard Ouest, Montreal, … Read More