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An Excerpt from The 2015 Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology May 22 2015

Security of the First World From Congotronic by Shane Book This place I have not been. But alone. Other possibilities perhaps and even if I am of two sliding partitions: the trees’ spacing, tidal flats punctured by tubular posts, children—I cannot arrive at such days, a fly bumping glass. Faces may take me to a station to … Read More

Read an excerpt from Shane Book’s collection of poetry “Congotronic,” shortlisted for the Griffin Poetry Prize! April 07 2015

Congotronic, the second collection of poetry from Canadian poet and filmmaker Shane Book, is a “contemporary world music that whirls the reader into the centre of the action at once.” At least, that’s how the Griffin Trustee Judges described the book before announcing that Congotronic had been shortlisted for the 2015 Griffin Poetry Prize. The entire Anansi team … Read More