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New Releases from Anansi this April April 03 2016

April is Poetry Month! Along with 4 stunning collections of poetry comes a graphic memoir about living with cancer, a tale from one of Canada’s funniest literary talents, and an inspiring true story about two young concentration camp survivors.   A Pillow Book by Suzanne Buffam Available: April 09 Not a narrative. Not an essay. Not … Read More

A Cosmos by Steven Heighton March 31 2016

A Cosmos by Steven Heighton In the wake of a month-long crimson tide, as if the blighted sea were bleeding out, phosphorescent plankton lapped the coastline, so every night the caps of the great combers, luminescing green in black waters, under a sky-tide of stars, drew crowds down to Tragos Beach. Third night somebody went … Read More

Save the Date! Anansi’s Poetry Bash is almost here! March 12 2016

Ottawa, Toronto, and Kingston… Get ready, the Anansi Poetry Bash is headed your way! Join us in launching new Anansi Poetry Books by Suzanne Buffam, Steven Heighton, Michael Crummey, and Kim Maltman & Roo Borson (Writing as Baziju). All five poets will be present and reading at each stop on the Poetry Bash tour. The details can be … Read More

Anansi Poetry Bash! April 15 2010

The Anansi Poetry Bash is only 12 days away! The top 5 reasons you should attend the Anansi Poetry Bash: 5. Can you think of a better way to celebrate National Poetry Month? 4. If there’s one thing we know here at Anansi (other than very good books, of course), it’s a very good party. … Read More