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The Poet's Point of View: Cassidy McFadzean

The Poet's Point of View: Cassidy McFadzean

We're back with a Poet's Point of View blog post for Poetry Month! In this series, we ask Anansi poets to recommend art, writing, music, and more to experience in tandem with their new collections.


A photo of Cassidy McFadzean in a white dress sitting on a stool, looking at the camera. Viewers see her entire seated figure. Photo by Tony Tulathimutte.


Next up is poet Cassidy McFadzean. Cassidy studied poetry at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and fiction at Brooklyn College. She is the author of two books of poetry: Drolleries (McClelland & Stewart 2019), shortlisted for the Raymond Souster Award, and Hacker Packer (M&S 2015), which won two Saskatchewan Book Awards and was a finalist for the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award. Her crown of sonnets, Third State of Being, was published by Gaspereau Press in 2022. She lives in Toronto.
Cassidy McFadzean, while reading your new poetry collection Crying Dresswhat would you recommend as...

One song or album to listen to: 
CM: Lost Girls’ Menneskekollektivet

One film to watch: 
CM: Abbas Kiarostami’s Where is the Friend’s House?

One meal to eat: 
CM: Lentil soup

One piece of art to look at: 
CM: Jay DeFeo’s The Rose

One place to plan to visit: 
CM: Storm King Art Center

One quotation to read from another writer: 
CM: “It is especially hard to witness a person crying naked, like Frank O’Hara ‘standing in the bathtub / crying. Mother, mother / who am I?’ Crying is its own nakedness and to see both kinds at once elicits a panic of pity. This is why people offer handkerchiefs to each other; it is an act of care, a restoration of dignity, a small instruction to get dressed.”
—Heather Christle, The Crying Book

One question to ask yourself or a friend: 
CM: When we leave, where does consciousness travel?

Crying Dress, Poems, by Cassidy McFadzean. The cover features a sketched illustration of a figure composed of different shapes on textured a beige background. The torso of the figure is a green sphere, the toe is a black point, the right arm a brown bat, the left arm a bell, and the face a combination of a white triangle and red half-circle. The figure has small lips as if it is wearing simple lipstick.


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