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The Poet's Point of View: Sanna Wani

The Poet's Point of View: Sanna Wani

 We’re back with a new edition of The Poet’s Point of View where we ask Anansi poets to recommend art, writing, music, and more to experience in tandem with their new collections.

Next up is Sanna Wani whose highly anticipated collection, My Grief, the Sun, published this past April. Her work has appeared in Brick, Poem-A-Day (, and Best Canadian Poetry 2020. She lives in Mississauga, Ontario, and Srinagar, Kashmir. This is her first collection of poetry. She also loves daisies.


Sanna Wani, while reading your new collection of poetry, what would you recommend as...


One film to watch:

SW: Tiger tail (2020)


One meal to eat: 

SW: Rajma chawaal 


One piece of art to look at: 

SW: Landscape by Etel Adnan


One place to plan to visit: 

SW: Gulmarg, Kashmir


One quotation to read from another writer: 

SW: “I love the sun for worshipping no one. I love the sun for showing up everyday.” Alex Dimitrov


One question to ask yourself or a friend: 

SW: What will you gather from the length of your life?


Learn more about My Grief, the Sun

The cover of My Grief, the Sun. The cover features a circle of pale yellow, overtop of which is the outline of a bird, mid-flight. 


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