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The Walrus Foundation, House of Anansi Press, and the Chawkers Foundation are pleased to announce the Walrus Imprint

The Walrus Foundation, House of Anansi Press, and the Chawkers Foundation are pleased to announce the Walrus Imprint

House of Anansi and The Walrus

The Walrus Foundation, House of Anansi Press, and the Chawkers Foundation are pleased to announce the Walrus Imprint

TORONTO—Two Canadian literary powerhouses, the Walrus Foundation and House of Anansi Press, have joined forces to publish excellent long-form non-fiction under the new Walrus Imprint, which is made possible by the Chawkers Foundation Writers’ Project.

Staff at the Walrus Foundation have long desired to enable writers to expand their magazine articles to book length. The Chawkers Foundation wanted to help writers travel and do further research to make such books possible. Enter House of Anansi Press. While celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, House of Anansi is delighted to bring its book publishing and editorial expertise to the table and make a home for new titles under the Walrus Imprint.

Two books on the debut list of three will be published in 2018 in celebration of The Walrus’s fifteenth anniversary. They will include two writers previously featured in the magazine.

Growing Up Trans by Mary Rogan considers when children know their true gender and explores dysphoria and its effects on gender identity. Mary’s article appeared in the October 2016 issue of The Walrus and was nominated for a Canadian Magazine Award.

Big Lonely Doug by Harley Rustad is about the country’s second-largest Douglas fir and the logger who saved it. Harley’s article appeared in the October 2016 issue of The Walrus.

The Abduction by Claude Adams (2019 release) is about a Kurdish Canadian doctor living in Victoria who kidnapped his four children and took them to Iran. It’s also about the mother who insists that Canada rescue her kids.

Each year, The Walrus’s and House of Anansi’s editorial teams will curate the Walrus Imprint to include topical Canadian content. This initiative is in keeping with the Chawkers Foundation’s mandate to support Canadian arts and education. Come Fall 2018, look for tusks on the spine of your non-fiction books.



The non-profit Walrus Foundation is dedicated to supporting writers, artists, and ideas and to creating forums for conversations on matters vital to Canadians. We achieve these goals by publishing The Walrus magazine ten times a year, curating the national series of Walrus Talks, organizing leadership dinners, and posting original, daily content at The foundation also trains future leaders in media, publishing, and non-profit development.


House of Anansi Press was founded in 1967 by writers Dennis Lee and David Godfrey. Anansi started as a small press with a mandate to promote Canadian writers and quickly gained attention for publishing Margaret Atwood, Matt Cohen, Michael Ondaatje, Erín Moure, George Grant, and Northrop Frye. French Canadian works have always been important to Anansi, and prominent authors in translation include Roch Carrier, Marie-Claire Blais, Anne Hébert, and France Daigle. Today, the company specializes in developing Canadian writers of literary fiction, poetry, drama, and non-fiction, including Lisa Moore, Patrick deWitt, Lynn Coady, Rawi Hage, Kathleen Winter, Peter Behrens, Gil Adamson, and Eric Siblin. Anansi also maintains the significant backlist that has accumulated in the decades since its founding.


The Chawkers Foundation aids charitable work in the fields of education and environmental research and protection. Since its inception in 1988, the foundation has supported long-form non-fiction. Chawkers believes that well-researched public discourse and writing is necessary for a strong, informed society and that charitable foundations have a growing role to play in the contemporary media landscape.

For more information please contact The Walrus Foundation Event and Media Coordinator
Catherine Coreno at or House of Anansi Publicity Director Laura Meyer at

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