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Accessible ebooks

All of the ebooks in this collection meet Benetech's Global Certified Accessible standards and are accessible to anyone with print disabilities. Browse the collection here.

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The Things Owen Wrote

What if covering up the biggest mistake of your life means travelling all the way to Iceland?

The Tim Wynne-Jones Bundle

Three classic stories from Tim Wynne-Jones.

The Traveling Circus

Husband-and-wife team Marie-Louise Gay and David Homel create a sequel to their popular series about a quirky, curious family and their world travels.

The Travels with My Family Bundle

Adventure is a family affair in these four beloved stories by Marie-Louise Gay and David Homel.

The Voyage

A small duck finds itself in a place full of unusual creatures speaking an unfamiliar language. But with a friend by its side, it soon feels at home.

The Whirlpool

From Boston Globe–Horn Book Award winner Laurel Croza comes a mesmerizing collection of short stories about the whirlpool of adolescence.

Three Wishes

Deborah Ellis presents the stories of children of the war-torn Middle East, based on interviews with Israeli and Palestinian children.

Ticket to Curlew

One day Sam Ferrier's little brother disappears on the seemingly flat prairie. He discovers that their new land can be awesome and frightening.

Travels in Cuba

Even for an experienced traveler like Charlie, Cuba is a place unlike any he has visited before — an island full of surprises, secrets and puzzling contradictions.

True Confessions of a Heartless Girl

Acclaimed novelist Martha Brooks has written an unforgettable story about a terribly complex heroine and the effects she has on those around her.

Two Moons in August

Martha Brooks deftly explores the worlds of mourning, family, friendship and love in this moving novel about healing and hope.

Uncle Ronald

Brilliantly combining humor and tragedy, Uncle Ronald is one of Brian Doyle's most emotionally powerful novels.