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All physical products collection - June 17 2021.

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What Remains

A funny, poignant, and at times heartbreaking memoir about one mother and her love of beautiful objets — and how it ultimately proved destructive.

Without the Moon

Based on real events, Without the Moon is an atmospheric and evocative historical crime novel set In London during the long, dark days of the Blitz.

Xiphoid Process special hardcover edition

This specially designed and bound hardcover First Edition of Kevin Connolly's poetry collection Xiphoid Process is limited to 50 copies.


This short e-book delves further into the most compelling crime story of the year: the hunt for Lord Cyric, the elusive cyber criminal.

Wounded Falcons

A moving tribute to the power of friendship and the heart-opening effect that taking care of a wounded creature has on a wounded boy.

The Hunter and the Old Woman

The intertwined story of a cougar and a man that portrays the strength, vulnerability, and consciousness of two top predators. Not since Life of Pi have we encountered such transcendence or walked so fully in the footsteps of a big cat.

White Resin

An ethereal love story of the almost-impossible reconciliation between the manufactured world and the haunting and feminine nature that envelops it.