Book Club Picks

Book Club Picks

Very good books to share with friends (don't forget the wine and cheese!).

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Die With Me

A page-turning mystery in the tradition of Ruth Rendell, Die With Me is the first novel in the bestselling Mark Tartaglia series by Elena Forbes.

Dual Citizens

An intimate and compelling novel about motherhood, love and the search for belonging, and what it means to be a sister.

Eighteen Below

Gritty and chilling, Eighteen Below Zero is the third stand-alone thriller in the internationally bestselling Fabian Risk series.

Erasing Memory

The heart-pounding first installment of the MacNeice Mysteries, featuring a sophisticated detective solving the murder of a beautiful violinist.

Evil in Return

Elena Forbes's thrilling creation Detective Tartaglia is back — this time to solve the grisly professional killing of a famous novelist.

Far to Go

This epic novel takes you inside an affluent Jewish family in the lead-up to Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia.


The first book in a gripping new Ava Lee spin-off series featuring Uncle Chow Tung and his ascendancy to the head of the Triad gang in Fanling.


Lisa Moore's unforgettable second novel examines the aftermath of 1982's Ocean Ranger disaster within the community of St. John's.

Fire Sermon

An unflinching and profound portrait of Maggie and Thomas, and their disintegrating marriage.


The second book in the gripping Ava Lee spin-off series features Uncle Chow Tung and his ascendancy to the head of the Triad gang in Fanling.

French Exit

A brilliant and darkly comic novel about a wealthy widow and her adult son who flee New York for Paris in the wake of scandal and financial ruin.

Frying Plantain

Frying Plantain follows a girl from elementary school to high school graduation as she navigates Black identity in a predominantly white society.