Full of metaphors, similes, alliteration and more, these books will introduce young readers to poetic devices and cultivate their love for poetry.

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Somos como las nubes / We Are Like the Clouds

An eloquent and timely plea for understanding refugees.

Sopa de frijoles / Bean Soup

Simply written, yet full of vivid imagery, this bilingual book about preparing bean soup is a fun, almost magical experience.


Another playful book in the popular bilingual Cooking Poem series that shows that tamalitos, or little tamales, are easy to make!

The Alphabet Thief

The alphabet thief stole all of the B's, and all of the bowls became owls. The thief returns each night, creating a topsy-turvy world as she goes.

The Bunny Band

A rhyming romp of a tale about a badger and a band of bunnies.

The Prisoner and the Writer

An illustrated, middle-grade treatment of the Dreyfus Affair told from the perspectives of Jewish army captain Alfred Dreyfus and writer Emile Zola.

The Promise Basket

From award winning author Bill Richardson, a beautiful story about the love between a mother and daughter where a promise makes the perfect gift.

Turtle Pond

A delightful tribute to turtles and turtle-watching, from a young child’s perspective.

Up in the Tree

Margaret Atwood's classic picture book is a perfect integration of words and pictures.