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The Great Greenwashing

A timely and in-depth look at the harmful effects of greenwashing and what you can do to prevent it.

Little Crosses

A daughter examines her complicated relationship with a charismatic, narcissistic mother who now lives with alcohol-related dementia.

Scientific Marvel

Marked by rhythmic drive, humour, and surprise, Undi’s poems consider what is left out from the history and ongoing realities of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Crying Dress

Crying Dress explores the intersections between noise and coherence, the conversational and the associative, the architectural and the ecological.


Honest, elegiac, characteristically strange, and frequently funny, Midway is an exploration of grief in all its manifestations.

Arms & Legs

A taut and suspenseful domestic drama that explodes the comforting and constricting confines of marriage and early parenthood.

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

A woman’s coming-of-age through a toxic relationship, isolation, and betrayal—set against the stark landscape of the far north.

Halfway Home

Award-winning author Christina Myers navigates the uncharted territory of midlife in a time of rapid social, cultural, and environmental change.

North of Nowhere

The incomparable first-hand account of the historic Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada told by one of the commissioners who led it.