Picture Books

Picture Books

This collection features unforgettable stories and breathtaking illustrations that young readers will cherish forever.

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Annabelle discovers an animal bone in the woods and decides to make it her new plaything. But nature ends up moving Annabelle in mysterious ways.


A cheeky celebration of boobies — the blue-footed avian sort and the more familiar kind that we find on our own bodies.

Book of Big Brothers

A hilarious look at the life of three brothers, told by the youngest (and most often terrorized) brother.


A lyrical, beautifully illustrated poem about a baby’s birth.

Bravo, Chico Canta! Bravo!

En este encantador relato, el ratoncito Chico Canta salva a su familia del astuto Gato-Gatito, gracias a su agilidad mental y dominio de otro idioma.

Bright Sky, Starry City

A little girl and her father have an opportunity to appreciate the wonders of the night sky.

Buddy and Earl

An obedient dog and an irrepressible hedgehog become fast friends in this first book in a funny and appealing series.

Buddy and Earl and the Great Big Baby

Mrs. Cunningham is bringing her baby for a visit! But Buddy and Earl are not prepared for the chaos the small and adorable creature brings with him.

Buddy and Earl Go Exploring

Our favorite odd-couple friends explore the wilds of their house after dark in book two of the Buddy and Earl series.

Buddy and Earl Go to School

Buddy and Earl know that with the right education they can become anything! So they eagerly gather their silly, smelly supplies and head to school.

Buddy and Earl Meet the Neighbors

Wonder Buddy and Super Earl come to the rescue when their new neighbors need help! The fifth installment of a charming and critically acclaimed series.


Caramba is a sweet, shy cat who bravely accepts that he is different, and then discovers his own special talent.