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Technology & Politics

Critical examinations of the impact of technology and political thought for inquiring minds.

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A professor falls in love with a mechanical ballerina in a mordant and uncanny fable of contemporary Hong Kong

Red Diaper Baby

The memoir of growing up in a communist family at the height of the Cold War by the late esteemed historian, and political activist James Laxer.


Ronald J. Deibert exposes the disturbing influence and impact of the internet on politics, the economy, the environment, and humanity.

Securing Democracy

Greenwald documents the courageous fight for press freedom in Brazil, where authoritarianism and rampant corruption threaten the most fundamental principles of democracy.

Technology and Empire

Brilliant analysis of the implications of technology-driven globalization on everyday life from one of Canada's most influential philosophers.

Technology and Justice

Six magnificent and stimulating essays examining the role of technology in shaping how we live, by one of Canada's most influential philosophers.

The Ethical Imagination

Ethicist and McGill University professor Margaret Somerville discusses how we can find a shared ethics for an interdependent world.

The Future of Capitalism

The twenty-fifth semi-annual Munk Debate considers whether the capitalist system is broken.

The Global Refugee Crisis: How Should We Respond?

The eighteenth semi-annual Munk Debate discusses the West’s response to the global refugee crisis.

The Real World of Technology

In this expanded version of her 1989 CBC Massey Lectures, scientist and activist Ursula M. Franklin explores the impact of technology upon our lives.

The Rise of Populism

The twenty-third semi-annual Munk Debate takes on the future of liberalism against the rising tide of populism.

Therefore Choose Life

The 1970 CBC Massey Lecture by Nobel Prize-winning scientist George Wald examines where we came from, who we are, and what is to become of us.