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A stylish and inspiring guide for living a happier life in balance with the natural world.

Gardening Naturally

Ecological gardening with ease and simplicity.

The Conscious Creative

An actionable guide to mindfulness and practical ethics for any creative professional who wants to make a living without selling their soul.

Ship to Shore

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about seafood — from what to look for at the fish counter to what to do with it when you get it home.

Roots: 40 Years of Style

Published to commemorate Roots Canada’s fortieth anniversary, Roots: The First Forty Years of Style celebrates the company’s rich history.

Every Object Has a Story

Twenty-one Canadians share their personal connections with a unique object from the ROM’s collection in this extraordinary volume.

Three Times a Day

Three Times a Day delves into an intimate universe full of flavors, colours, and beauty and offers more than 100 easy to make recipes.

Three Times a Day: Simple and Stylish

After the success of Three Times a Day, Marilou and Alexandre Champagne are back with a second volume featuring more than 100 brand new recipes.

Slowing Down to See the World

Slowing Down to See the World celebrates Butterfield & Robinson’s fiftieth anniversary and tells the story of a remarkable journey.

Paris Undressed

In the spirit of Bringing Up Bébé comes the quintessential book about what French women can teach us about the world of lingerie.

Spirit Bear

A classic work of Canadian nature and wildlife — updated and reissued with a new design and afterword by the author.

Glorious & Free

33 personal stories that redefine how Canadians see themselves.