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Anansi Girls take over The Ossington

The Anansi Girls celebrated the near-conclusion of the Anansi Girls and the Art of Book Club Maintenance contest with a series of readings last night at Toronto bar The Ossington. If you’d like to win a visit from one of these fantastic authors or a complete set of their books, enter now! Contest closes November 30, 2009.

All five books are also now available at a sweetly discounted 30% from our website, along with every other book we sell. That’s right — every single book available on (aside from audiobooks and special editions) is 30% off from now until January 1, 2010. Fabulous.

Emily Mockler (Anansi Sales Assistant) and Mark Luk (Anansi Operations Manager) man the book table.
Lynn Henry (Anansi's Publisher) introduces the authors.
Zoe Whittall reads from her latest book, Holding Still For As Long As Possible.
Emily Schultz reads from her latest book, Heaven is Small.
Karen Solie reads from her latest book, Pigeon.
Shani Mootoo reads from her latest book, Valmiki's Daughter.

The Anansi Girls are:

Lisa Moore (February)
Shani Mootoo (Valmiki’s Daughter)
Emily Schultz (Heaven is Small)
Karen Solie (Pigeon)
Zoe Whittall (Holding Still For As Long As Possible)

Have you had a chance to read any of these lovely books? Do tell!

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