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Affirmations by Karen Solie April 20 2016

Affirmations by Karen Solie Has the past not pursued me with its face and haven’t I turned away? Can a thing made once not be made again? Hasn’t the rider returned to her horse, the dog to his master? Isn’t this the lesson of our popular literature? And was the trash not collected this morning, … Read More

The Corners by Karen Solie April 28 2015

The Corners by Karen Solie Where the question are you alright usually finds one very much not alright. Cellphone at the bus stop, cellophane, wind, Hasty Mart in its collar of pigeon spikes. With smokes in front of the sports bar, careerists mid-shift lit at dusk by the inner light of cheap bottles of domestic. … Read More

Trillium Book Award Readings and Luncheon June 24 2010

We’re so pleased to announce that Karen Solie has won the Trillium Book Award for Poetry! Congratulation to Karen and her fellow Anansi nominee, Emily Schultz! Here are a few photos from last night’s readings (you’ll see Pasha Malla there too, who won the Trillium last year and was asked to read in Alice Munro’s … Read More

Anansi Girls take over The Ossington November 26 2009

The Anansi Girls celebrated the near-conclusion of the Anansi Girls and the Art of Book Club Maintenance contest with a series of readings last night at Toronto bar The Ossington. If you’d like to win a visit from one of these fantastic authors or a complete set of their books, enter now! Contest closes November … Read More