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Inheritance by Erin Mouré April 18 2016

Inheritance by Erin Mouré Father my father died of dying undied himself from my mother even from me his daughter, he unlocked his shoulder-case and self-undied. My father died snowing or not even snowing yet, unsuspecting the place where his lungs existed. He got up and said “it appears to be snowing,” lucent with orchids you … Read More

ñ by Erín Moure April 23 2015

ñ by Erín Moure ptolemaic system picture of ukraine my mother learned to walk on this same hill! N 49° 36’ 25” E 24° 14’ 08” malenka dotchka (who does not strictly speaking speak) heaven empire habitation god or omniscient water we went into the leaves and grasses scorched our legs free of dust and light … Read More

Anansi Poetry Bash! April 15 2010

The Anansi Poetry Bash is only 12 days away! The top 5 reasons you should attend the Anansi Poetry Bash: 5. Can you think of a better way to celebrate National Poetry Month? 4. If there’s one thing we know here at Anansi (other than very good books, of course), it’s a very good party. … Read More