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Original Artwork from The Outside Circle – Guest Post by Kelly Mellings June 21 2016

Throughout National Aboriginal History Month we’ll be highlighting works about Aboriginal history, including book excerpts, illustrator interviews, and author guests posts. The following is a guest post from Kelly Mellings, who illustrated The Outside Circle. Mellings has provided stunning original artwork, including 4 rough versions of the cover, as well as two mockups of the final cover. … Read More

How Writing a Book About the Psychology of Money Has Changed the Way I See Money – Guest Post by Claudia Hammond May 25 2016

  I wasn’t someone who chose a career based on the probability of earning lots of money. If I had wanted to make money, then going into broadcasting, writing and lecturing wasn’t the way to go. Much as I enjoy spending it when I can afford to, the topic of money isn’t something that particularly … Read More

The Pleasure of Poetry – Guest post by Nadia Bozak May 18 2016

The first time I met a real writer – a poet – I wanted to be just like him. Not because I liked poetry, Alligator Pie excluded, of course, but because he got to eat Hostess potato chips—a large bag, all to himself, salt-and-vinegar flavor. I grew up in London , Ontario in the 1970s … Read More

A Bad Singer Playlist—Guest Post by Tim Falconer May 03 2016

  “Writing about music,” Martin Mull quipped, “is like dancing about architecture.” Part of the problem, of course, is that the reader wants to hear what the writer is going on about. And, inevitably, I refer to many, many songs in Bad Singer: The Surprising Science of Tone Deafness and How We Hear Music. So … Read More