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Accessible ebooks

All of the ebooks in this collection meet Benetech's Global Certified Accessible standards and are accessible to anyone with print disabilities. Browse the collection here.

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My Story Starts Here

Deborah Ellis, activist and award-winning author of The Breadwinner, interviews young people involved in the criminal justice system.

No Ordinary Day

Deborah Ellis, author of The Breadwinner, brings us another feisty young heroine, Valli — an orphan with leprosy who lives on the streets of Kolkata.

No Safe Place

A timely and gripping novel about four young migrants who seek safe haven in England and end up adrift in the English Channel.

No Vacancy

With the help of her Catholic friend, an eleven-year-old Jewish girl creates a provocative local tourist attraction to save her family’s failing motel.

Odd Man Out

When Kip is spending the summer with his grandmother and his five eccentric girl cousins, he discovers a very puzzling binder his late father kept.

Off to War

Deborah Ellis, author of the Breadwinner series, interviews the children of American and Canadian soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.


This Groundwork Guide explains the ascent of giant petroleum companies and how they seized control of oil fields and markets around the world.

On the Road Again

In the sequel to Travels With My Family, Charlie and his family are in southern France, where there are many new friends and adventures to be found.

One Year in Coal Harbour

The long-awaited, ever-so-charming follow-up to the Newbery Honor Book Everything on a Waffle!


Two teenaged outsiders establish an uneasy truce in this visually arresting, one-of-a-kind collage-style novel.

Our Corner Store

This delightful novel in verse follows the adventures of a brother and sister around the neighborhood, and especially at the corner grocery store!

Out of the Way! Out of the Way!

We see an Indian village grow from a sleepy little agricultural way station to a bustling metropolis. For fans of American classic The Little House.