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Accessible ebooks

All of the ebooks in this collection meet Benetech's Global Certified Accessible standards and are accessible to anyone with print disabilities. Browse the collection here.

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Some of the Kinder Planets

Nine stories full of humor, surprise, fear and wonder, peopled by characters who are just like you, and yet very, very different.

Spud in Winter

Spud can't get get the killing he witnessed out of his mind. Should tell the police? He decides to take on the task of helping solve the crime.

Spud Sweetgrass

When Spud blows the whistle on a polluter, he loses his job. Spud thinks he has a chance of making things right, so he asks his friends to help.

Stephen and the Beetle

A small boy's encounter with a beetle could have drastic consequences in this simple fable, with strikingly original art.


Travis has been waiting to get to junior high. When that time finally comes, things are both better, and worse, than he had hoped.

Strange Light Afar

Eight Japanese folktales, retold in a way you’ve never imagined. Beautiful, strange and unforgettable.

Swan Dive

A teenage refugee adapts to a new country and even finds a best friend, until the pressures of past and present collide and lead to a devastating lie.

Tales from Gold Mountain

This collection of stories describes the extraordinary circumstances of the Chinese who came to build the railroad in Canada and the United States.

The Baby Project

A mother's new pregnancy leaves a family touched and forever changed.

The Betrayal of Africa

This book in the Groundworks Guides series shows that today a real possibility for positive change in Africa now exists.

The Big Swim

A timeless and poignant story about a boy's first summer at camp, told with humor and wit.

The Boy in the Burning House

Acclaimed author Tim Wynne-Jones turns his considerable talent to a stunning novel that is part mystery, part psychological thriller.