Ship to Shore

Straight Talk from the Seafood Counter

Written by John Bil • Foreword by Frédéric Morin

Published October 16, 2018 | ISBN 9781487004132
COOKING / Specific Ingredients / Seafood

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Ship to Shore

Straight Talk from the Seafood Counter

John Bil • Frédéric Morin

An Eat North Best Cookbook of the Year
A Now Magazine Best Cookbook of the Year
Finalist, Taste Canada Awards: Single-Subject Cookbooks

Perfect for beginners and experts alike, John Bil’s Ship to Shore: Straight Talk from the Seafood Counter pulls back the curtain on the fish business to give seafood lovers the information and confidence they need to make smart decisions about the fish they consume. Why does halibut cost what it does? Were those shrimp responsibly farmed? How do you clean an octopus? And what’s the best way to prepare those delicious clams when you get them home? Organized by size, beginning with shellfish (clams, oysters, lobster), small fish (anchovies, mackerel, herring), medium fish (trout, cod, catfish), and large fish (halibut, salmon, tuna), Ship to Shore features over fifty easy-to-follow recipes accompanied by mouth-watering, full-colour photography that will have you racing down to your local fish counter.

About the Author

John Bil

JOHN BIL (1968-2018) worked with fish — on the water, behind the counter, and in the kitchen — for over twenty-five years. Bil began his career shucking oysters at the Toronto dining institution Rodney’s Oyster House, before venturing east to the Maritimes, where he spent over a decade working in the shellfish and fish farming industry, and later opened his first restaurant, Ship to Shore, in Darnley, Prince Edward Island. A respected and in-demand seafood expert, Bil assisted with the openings of several other high-profile restaurants, including M. Wells Steakhouse (New York), Claddagh Oyster House (Charlottetown, PEI), Restaurant Joe Beef (Montreal), and most recently, his own Honest Weight (Toronto).

Frédéric Morin

Awards and Praise

Praise for John Bil and Ship to Shore:

Winner, 2019 Taste Canada Award — Single-Subject Cookbooks, Silver
An Eat North Best Cookbook of the Year
A Now Magazine Best Cookbook of the Year

“If you care about seafood, Canada, or just being a good person, you should read this book. If you’re an asshole, move along.” — Matty Matheson, chef, TV personality, and author of Matty Matheson: A Cookbook

“It’s safe to say that this book will and should be a staple across kitchens in Canada and abroad.” — Acquired Taste

“John unlocked stories of the water and always surprised us with his constant delicious treasures. Spending a night with his wild workmanship made you feel as if you’d found yourself inside the belly of a whale. With this book, we are incredibly lucky to be given the gift of his in-depth knowledge of the industry, along with his super power of making the most simple thing taste perfect. No tricks, all heart — like the way the sea penetrates your skin just by walking beside it — he had a way of salting the atmosphere. Let’s dive in. Thank you, John.” — Amy Millan, musician (Broken Social Scene, Stars)

“I’ve been waiting for a book like this for years and can’t think of a better, more trustworthy author to write it. John Bil’s knowledge about all things seafood was matched only by his love for the subject. This book is a fitting testament to him and an important addition to every food lover’s collection.” — Chris Johns, food writer and co-author of True North: Canadian Cooking from Coast to Coast

“A comprehensive guide, written with heart, that any seafood lover will treasure.” — Now Magazine

“[A] thorough account of what you might find at your favourite restaurant or the seafood counter at the local supermarket . . . infused throughout with John’s philosophy of fish.” — Salty

“It’s safe to say that this book will and should be a staple across kitchens in Canada and abroad.” — Acquired Taste

“The information and recipes you need to make good choices at the seafood counter.” — Canadian House and Home

“Chock-full of knowledge about worldwide seafood and helpful information on how to make smart and informed decisions about buying and consuming it.” — Charlottetown Guardian

“Learning from John is a privilege, and this book will inspire you. Happy reading.” — Martin Picard, chef/owner, Au Pied de Cochon

“If you eat a great oyster in North America, one that’s sourced well and served right, so it’s plump and intact and brimming with its own liquor, so it tastes as fresh and distinct as the bay where it grew, there’s a good chance John Bil had a hand in that experience. As a travelling ambassador for P.E.I. oysters, and later as an unconventional Mr. Fix-It to top chefs and restaurateurs, he taught a generation of eaters not only how to serve and experience the world’s best shellfish and seafood, but how to appreciate life.” — Chris Nuttall-Smith, food writer

“John once said to me, ‘Have you ever seen a fifteen-pound lobster? It’s kind of terrifying. They could make a movie out of it. Claws.’ He had an unparalleled depth of knowledge when it came to Canadian seafood.” — Derek Dammann, chef/owner, Maison Publique and McKiernan, and co-author of True North: Canadian Cooking from Coast to Coast

“The philosophy and practices at M. Wells are forever shaped by our friendship with John Bil. He hoisted us into his boat, sharing with us countless adventures and wisdom along the way. In life John was a finisher; quite simply, he got things done — wonderful, thoughtful, miraculous things, as this book so beautifully attests.” — Hugue Dufour and Sarah Obraitis, M.Wells Steakhouse

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