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Snow Summer

Written by Kit Peel

For students in grades 7 | Published October 01, 2016 | ISBN 9781554983575
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fantasy / General

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About this book

Snow Summer

Kit Peel

Massive climate change has caused a winter that will not thaw, and it seems that the forces of nature have turned on humanity itself. But in the sleepy British village of Pateley, one special girl may hold the key to the earth’s survival.

Wyn, an orphan, has always known that she is different. Unable to feel the biting cold of wind and snow of Pateley’s endless winter, she does what she can to blend in. But when mysterious figures start to appear in the village, insisting that she may have the power to restore order to the natural world, Wyn must look deep inside herself to face the secrets of her past that she has kept hidden even from herself.

From debut author Kit Peel, Snow Summer is an immersive fantasy novel that expertly conveys the beauty of the natural world and its conflict with human development. A powerful allegory for climate change and global warming, it is nevertheless a timeless story, reminiscent of classics of the genre.

About the Author

Kit Peel

Kit Peel is a garden designer and beekeeper and former foreign news journalist and editor. He wrote the joint-winning libretto for the 2003 Genesis Opera prize. Snow Summer is his first book.

Awards and Praise

Praise for Kit Peel and Snow Summer:

"Thoroughly realized characters, a story that combines high fantasy with the pagan world of nature spirits, settings that amplify and uphold the natural-world underpinnings of the plot, and plenty of tension characterize this refreshing read. A must." — Kirkus, STARRED REVIEW

"A thought-provoking thrill of a debut novel...Packaged in rich, fantastical narrative with extraordinary characters, this book is sure to please a wide range of readers." — VOYA Magazine