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The Therapist

From the mind of a psychologist comes a chilling domestic thriller that gets under your skin.

The Sniper

Jason Bourne meets John McClane in this electrifying Taiwanese thriller about a young special-forces sniper ordered to assassinate a high-level government official.

The Sultan of Sarawak

Ava Lee clashes with the most powerful family in Malaysia in the exhilarating new thriller from bestselling author Ian Hamilton.

Zagreb Cowboy

Set in 1991 Yugoslavia, Zagreb Cowboy is the spectacular debut featuring one of the most compelling characters in crime fiction: Marko della Torre.

Without the Moon

Based on real events, Without the Moon is an atmospheric and evocative historical crime novel set In London during the long, dark days of the Blitz.

The Wild Beasts of Wuhan

Ava Lee uncovers the secret world of art fraud in the third book in the wildly popular and bestselling Ava Lee series.


An atmospheric thriller about a teen girl convicted of murder in a 1980s seaside town and the PI who discovers that she may not have acted alone.

The Water Rat of Wanchai + The Dragon Head of Hong Kong

Get the very first book in the wildly popular Ava Lee series, which includes the prequel — The Dragon Head of Hong Kong.

The Water Rat of Wanchai

In the first book of the series, Ian Hamilton introduces us to Ava Lee — the smartest, most stylish heroine in crime fiction since Lisbeth Salandar.


A dark, psychological thriller about a man that is being pursued by police unsatisfied with the answers he’s given about his wife’s disappearance.

Victim Without a Face

The first book in the Fabian Risk series, Victim Without a Face is a chilling novel about the ultimate revenge.

Vantage Point

In the fourth novel of the series, MacNeice and his team on the hunt for a sophisticated killer who draws his inspiration from classic works of art.