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A fascinating, hard-hitting, and revealing look at cyber crime, cyber warfare, and cyber industrial espionage.

Congotronic special hardcover edition

This specially designed and bound hardcover First Edition of Shane Book's poetry collection Congotronic is limited to 50 copies.


Exclusively available from Anansi Digital, Communion is one of the early great works by a Canadian literary titan.


A memorable novel about the beautiful, twisted existence of life in the modern city, told from the perspective of a taxi driver.

The Broken Social Scene Story Project

Thirteen short stories inspired by Broken Social Scene's groundbreaking album, You Forgot It In People.

The Book of Fate

Spanning five turbulent decades in Iranian history, The Book of Fate is a powerful story of friendship and passion, fear and hope.

The Blue Book

A novel of illusions and false trails, magical numbers and redemptive humour, about what happens when we are misled and what happens when we are true.

Money Boy

Ray is a sixteen-year-old Chinese immigrant who is just trying to fit in, but is forced to live on the streets when his father learns he is gay.

Happy Birthday, Alice Babette

It’s Alice’s birthday! A beautiful spring afternoon in Paris — what could be better? Little does she know that her friend has arranged some surprises!

Being with Henry

A funny yet poignant novel about two disparate souls — a homeless teenager and a lonely old man — who come to know and care for each other.